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What & How is My Child Learning?

Join Bean on her adventures as she begins to shape, experience, and participate in life’s unfolding journey. Her modest, yet remarkable, life scenarios play a large role in developing a basis of knowledge. Her knowledge is harnessed as she solves problems using intelligence and skills obtained from both experience and mentors. Bean’s encounters with new people and places continuously sharpens her abilities. Everyday, Bean’s escapades foster her composure and competence; strengthening her confidence to approach life challenges.

Adventure is the main idea that flows throughout the narrative of the series. It acts as the foundation to building the main characters personal traits and life habits. As the plot line unfolds in each book, Bean is softly presented an obstacle to overcome - city life, nature endeavors, defending an admirable cause, or competing in a championship. The overarching theme is buttressed with sub themes of teamwork, training, teaching, situational awareness, and mentorship.

The grammatical formatting of our books are intended to transition young readers from short phrased picture books toward paragraphed novels. Our story lines promote better understanding of English composition and improve the understanding of sentence complexities. Bean’s Adventures aid children to expand their reading comprehension via story development and supporting characters, yet with continued detailed illustrations for creative and passionate minds.