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3 Beautiful Unknowns of Adventuring

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Can you remember your first adventure? Even if not your first, your favorite one?

Now that you have one chosen, how did you feel before the trip started?

Since this travel was your first adventure, or favorite, what about the trip made it so special?

On this mini tour of the world, did you share this experience with anyone?

Now that you answered these questions, you have uncovered the three beautiful unknowns of adventuring - feeling, experience, and bonding!

1. Feeling

My first adventure was two weeks after meeting Mom and Dad. We drove beautiful country sides with farms and rolling hills until we arrived at a giant lake nestled underneath a perfectly blue sky.

The picture above is Canyon Lake

Before arriving to our local beach, I was looking out the window of the car anticipating what the trip would entail. I did not know where we were going. I remember feeling anxious and happy at the same time. How was this even possible?

I envisioned myself running down the hill sides, dodging bushes and leaping tree stumps. Maybe even meeting one of the cows in the farm fields, and wondering how they even grew so big.

I thought about how I would react in these moments. I replayed these scenarios over and over in my head with different outcomes each time, knowing that we were about to have fun no matter how our day laid out.

The anticipation. The wonder. Our vision. This is feeling!

2. Experience

When we arrived at Canyon Lake, it was like nothing I was ever expecting. The beautiful green grass rolled smoothly into bright yellow and soft rock called sand. I was curious about sand. I NEVER experienced this before.

I had all sorts of questions running through my head: was it safe to step on? could I play in it? did it smell good? My senses were heightened, and I was ready to explore!

Relaxing after chasing my Frisbee in the sands

Digging here was even easier than in the dirt at home! Whenever I walked the sand was massaging my paws. Plus, it had a nice warmth to the touch. This was the PERFECT place to play, but not with a tennis. I learned this the hard way. Talk about a mouth full of sand when the tennis ball got wet!

I needed to find a new way to play; maybe even a new toy that would not be too sandy when I scooped it up off the sand. Maybe a toy that was disc shaped, plastic, and could fly. However, I do not even know the name of such a toy, let alone if it exists. That is when one of Dad's friends brought out what was called a Frisbee. This was the ideal solution to a sandy tennis ball. The lime green color made it easy to track in the air, and it floated like a feather - giving me time to track it. The Frisbee may have been a little big carrying back, but it sure made a challenge.

I was present in the moment of play for what appeared to be the whole day. Before I knew it, I was almost passed out in the hammock with Mom.

3. Bonds

When we arrived at the beach that morning I did not know anyone we met. Not only was the environment new to me, but the people were as well. I was timid because I was not with any friends I knew. I felt uncomfortable because I was out of my comfort zone.

I was interrupted from taking in the beautiful view of Canyon Lake with a burst of happiness and a hug. It was one of my parent's friends. She was very excited to introduce herself, and it made me feel welcomed. Our first experience together was exploring the woods behind the lake. The trees provided wonderful shade and the scent of pine in the breeze was delightful. We enjoyed the cool climate away from the sun and she showed me how to find the best stick to chew - the ones without the notches. ;)

Another person I met was Frisbee Friend. He spent close to an hour throwing my favorite new sand toy. We would break up our play with short water breaks. It was during these breaks that he would feed me small dog treats too! Frisbee Friend kept me on my paws. He was able to skim the Frisbee above the sand, make it hover, raise higher in the air, and even turn while flying.

When you adventure, you will meet interesting people like I did. You will make memories with these people and develop a relationship because you shared the same experience.

Brushing off the sand with Frisbee Friend

You may not have been aware of these beautiful unknowns when you experienced your first adventure, but you lived them.


1. Feeling

  • You anticipate what the trip will entail.

  • You envision yourself in the setting

  • You think about how you will react in certain moments

2. Experience

  • Heightened senses

  • Eager to continue exploring

  • You will be curious

  • Ask yourself a bunch of questions

  • You will try new things

  • You will be present

  • Time will go by fast

3. Bonds

  • Funny jokes will be shared

  • Memories will be made

  • You will become closer to those you travel with because you share the same experience

Sun Kissed Slumber

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