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5 Grand Views from Far West Texas

We were off! Our adventure began driving down 1-10 west out of San Antonio toward Big Bend. I was told this area was a high desert with a beautiful oasis of green on top of an isolated mountain. What I was not expecting, the neat sites along the way to this enchanted land. We saw stars in the sky as pure as diamonds, REAL cowboys riding horses, yellow flowering cacti taller than our Jeep, and the entrance to a new country - Mexico! These are just a few of the cool sightings seen adventuring toward Big Bend. Let me show you some pictures we snapped while out exploring.

1. Marfa Cars

Marfa, Texas is a small town with a slow pace attitude. When we arrived in town the area alone made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Once I met the people, they were both welcoming and happy to give massaging pets. Marfa is known for the "Marfa Lights" and stunning art. I noticed a lot of other dogs running toward the setting Texas sunset. As night approaches in Marfa, the whole sky turns a mix of colors. I saw oranges, reds, yellows, and pink all mixed together. This natural art work alone was worth the adventure. Also, look how they greet you.

However, if you like cars these pictures below you will love. All these cars were remodeled and given a touch of cultural history. Take a look:

Do you see what the picture is on the orange section of the wheel? It is a dog! The Army used this truck during World War II. Marfa use to be a military town back in the early 1900's and a training ground in the 1930's and 1940's.

What about this car; old, right?! The stories this car has would be amazing to hear. She has been out in the desert for forty years. Do you know what "Hombres" means in Spanish?

The building of America's railways brought Marfa to life. In 1883, Marfa was a water stop and freight station. You can see in the painting on this car the train's significant importance to Marfa.

2. Clay Henry

Clay Henry is the G.O.A.T. of all goats. What would you say if I told you a four-legged friend of ours held an important position? He was so famous, he was the mayor of a town! All the people in Lajitas, Texas voted this guy as their representative. We were lucky enough to meet him.

Here is a picture of Lajitas, where Mayor Clay Henry was democratically voted to office.

3. Big Bend Ranch State Park

Our first taste of the oasis beauty, was here in Big Bend Ranch State Park. When you drive along the road tall red mountains surround you, and green ocean-like plants cover the flat ground.

We explored a hike named "Closed Canyon Trail". See how close the rock walls are here? These were carved out by water over hundreds of years!

Here I am walking down a dried up water slide!

4. Tin Valley

Tin Valley is a unique campsite that sits next to the West Texas Mountains. Our campground was nicknamed "Mojave".

We woke up early to catch the sunrise over the Corazon Peak the next morning. Take a look at our time lapse.

Cuddle Bug was our neighbor. She was able to spin around and have the perfect view for both sunrise and sunset.

5. Chisos Mountains

We finally made it to the oasis island of the desert - the Chisos Mountains. Emory Peak is the highest mountain of the Chisos, standing tall at 7,825ft tall! When we were driving to the mountains I saw the land turn from dirt brown into a green high desert forest. Not only did the environment change, but the breeze was like turning on the air conditioning.

You should go and hike at a national park near your house. Here is an article on how to become a junior ranger when you do go for that hike. Visit Bean's Adventures Facebook Page for more fun filled articles.

Thanks for tagging along in our adventure through Far West Texas!

Mom and I at hotel Paisano in Marfa, Texas

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