5 Words to Add to Your Vocabulary

Hey Adventurers!

We have a challenge for you all, are you ready? It is time to put on the thinking cap, pull out a dictionary (ask your parents about what this is), and sharpen your pencil!

Bean's Adventures has a handful of words we may not know, or have ever seen before. Let us take the time to learn these words . Below are five sentences from "Bean's Adventures: The Beginning Trail". Do you think you can properly match each word with the sentence from the book?

Afterward, write what you think the word means. Explain in your own words what the definition is. Once you complete the sentences look up each word in the dictionary.

Hint: It will help to open the spine of the book and search for these sentences in context of the story.

Bean's Adventures Sentence Completion

1. I was born here on Furry Friends Farm. My brother and sister say I am .

energetic fleecy idle brawny

Your Definition:

2. Meet my mom and dad! They live in the city and tell me how much fun I will have in my new playground.

rural fantasy urban high-tech

Your Definition:

3. Whenever I drop my newly acquired toy, Mom or Dad throw it so far I have to RUN to my prized possession.

abandon confine bury retrieve

Your Definition:

4. Guster the Goat told me adventuring triggers the emotions of...

exterior core vital jolly

Your Definition:

5. ...helps me what is healthy and expected, compared to actions that are not treat-worthy.

differentiate connect scrape bury

Your Definition:

Reach out to Bean on her web site - www.beansadventures.com - and leave a comment on what you think the answers are. We would love to hear from you, Adventurers!

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