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How to Improve the "Stay at Home Blues"

We have all experienced a time in our lives in which our inner voice has pushed the panic button. Better yet, maybe you know a friend, or family member, who has said, "I am going stir crazy"! Many of us have grappled with this emotional state since our unwelcomed, but necessary, new normal.

March of 2020 has impacted the fabric of our global lifestyle and means in which we operate on a daily basis. We have seen an invisible world crisis bring our economy to a halt, with cautionary movement forward. Measures to ensure safety have limited our travel. Our shelter in place solution means we no longer can see friends at recess, enjoy the water cooler talk, or gather in large numbers for a special event. All our personal interactions have gone virtual within the confines of our humble abode.

Though the four walls and roof we call home is comforting, an internal itch has challenged all of us to break free. Being social creatures, we all yearn to physically be with those we love and who we enjoy their company. The result of this loss is what we call "the stay at home blues".

The stay at home blues is a syndrome we should not fear, but come to expect during these times. As we ride through this period of turbulent water, we must reshape our mental approach to adventure and creativity. Our social experiences as we knew them will be slowly reintroduced, but their is no known time table of return. Thus, we must find a way to shackle our stay at home blues and ensure we find means to explore, create, and simply fell free!

The solution - routine.

How many of us know those people who are always on the move? Or, better yet, may not be! There is something these individuals have in common, though their practice is different. Majority of the time these people have a routine. The fast paced individual may have multiple objectives to accomplish in a day. This keeps her on the move and juggling several projects at a time (i.e. chores, homework, sport, music, etc.). The siesta paced individual may have limited objectives, but those objectives chew up large amounts of time (i.e. reading or web browsing). Overall though, there is structure to their day. A famous American known for routine, was Benjamin Franklin. He was known, for one of many sayings, to include, "wisdom is in measured routine".

Having a routine forms quality habits.

What is a habit you ask? A habit, in our own words, is a regular tendency practiced repetitively over time.

Our habits should be built in good character faith, such as finding time to implement the following EVERYDAY:

  1. Brushing our teeth

  2. Making our bed

  3. Cleaning our clothes

  4. Household chores

  5. Exercising

  6. Healthy eating

  7. Studying a topic of INTEREST

  8. Completing ALL our homework

  9. Practicing what makes us happy

This short simple list resembles the framework to a routine. We can uniquely build on this foundation with specific ways in which to complete these daily habits.

Their is one ingredient which holds these good intentioned habits together. It is considered the fuel for the soul and what exclusively makes us all unique.

This is passion.

Passion is what motivates us to continue along a path of progression because it is a practice we enjoy performing. When we revolve our days around our passion, time no longer exists. We can become lost in the topics/actions of interests without ever knowing an hour passed!

Not only does passion bring excitement, but it harnesses knowledge. The information we read, hear, or watch is placed into action because we enjoy the topic at hand. Let us use hiking, for an example. When one become interested in hiking we begin to research the topic. We will read about the different suggested gear to use while hiking - boots, socks, hats, clothing material, etc. Also, we will learn about the diverse trail types we have around the area of interest - flat hike, wooded hike, beach hike, river wading hike, boulder scramble, etc. Additionally, we will begin to research what provisions we should bring - the amount of water, portioning of nutrition, equipment, etc. Lastly, we may be interested in the duration of the hike - do we need to bring a tent? Sleeping bag (if , so what temperature range)? survival kit? Do we need to check in with a ranger? etc.

Hiking is only an example; however, if you find a passion you will find delving into educating yourself on the topic is a portion of the fun!

Even Bean herself has a routine. Her routine consists of the following interests on repeat:

  1. Tennis ball catch

  2. Running

  3. Affection

  4. Belly Rubs

  5. Hikes

If you are interested in reading more about how to improve your daily routine we suggest reading a blog post by Stephen Altrogge titled, "12 Morning and Evening Routines that Will Set You Up Each Day for Success".

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